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  • How to Use Liver of Sulphur without Dipping

    Liver of sulfur is Potassium Sulfide. Buy it in lump form from a jeweler’s supply company. You can buy it pre-mixed, but since it has a shelf life, it’s much better to buy it in lump form and mix it as needed. Break off a …

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  • Free tutorials and videos: Keum-boo

    Sabine has posted a how-to video on Keum-boo, the Korean technique for adding gold to silver without soldering. View it here: In English and French. How does Keum-boo work? It’s a diffusion bond. You can read more about what that is at, in …

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  • Free Video: UV Resin

    Here’s how-to video by Tonya Davidson of Whole Lotta Whimsy on how to use the UV Resin.

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  • Free Tutorials and Videos: Print Gocco

    Here are some super tutorials on how to Print Gocco (thermal silkscreening): and more photos from VanillaBeanKnits: on Flickr

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