Polishing the Silver

Polishing Silver, photo by Elaine Luther
I will never let that necklace get so tarnished again! That was a lot of work!

Let’s talk about best practices about polishing silver. You want to use the least invasive method possible. You don’t want to remove any silver. So, for instance, you wouldn’t take tarnished silver over to the polishing wheel, because that would remove metal and that’s not necessary.

The least invasive tarnish remover is something like a Sunshine cloth, a polishing cloth impregnated with some tarnish remover.

Next up, a gentle silver polish such as Flitz or Simichrome — those are both pastes that come in a tube, or Twinkle, that comes in a jar.

Actually, that’s about as far as you want to go.

To remove tarnish, you’ll want two soft cloths, such as an old cloth diaper or burp cloth or scrap of flannel. Cut up those old flannel shirts, or pick up remnants at the fabric store.

Use one cloth as you rub the silver polish onto the silver and gently rub away the tarnish. The second cloth is used to buff the silver to a shine.

Depending on the instructions on the product you’re using, you’ll probably rinse the jewelry off when you’re done polishing. I always wash mine. Try with a lint free cloth to keep the jewelry from spotting.

The procedure for polishing silver or silver plated flatware is the same.

Want more info. on removing tarnish from silver? Check out this great article from Jeff Herman, master silversmith, here.

He’s got some really excellent dos and don’ts.

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