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JustRite Home Stamping Kit - Frequently Asked Questions
Make your own personal stamps and texture plates

Where can I see a video of this process?**

Where can I see an overview of the process?**

Where can I find a technical FAQ?**

What other technical support is available?
Customers of CreativeTextureTools have access to the tech support person at the company that is the US distributor of the JustRite Home Stamping Kit.

Where can I get detailed how to instructions for this kit?
A complete, easy to follow manual, with clear pictures is included with your kit.

Okay, this all sounds good, but show me a real stamp.

Sure, here you go.** This page also helps you with the reversing issue.

Will CreativeTextureTools be carrying the refills for the JustRite Home Stamping Kit?

Of course!
Pack of 2 Large Liquid Polymer Packets $19.95
Pack of 4 Medium Liquid Polymer Packets $19.95
Pack of 8 Small Liquid Polymer Packets $19.95

Where can I find copyright free art work to make my stamps/texture plates?
The British inventor of the JustRite Home Stamping Kit has a library of clip art at their site:**

Of course there are wonderful books you can buy. For faster results, a wide variety of clip art can be found on line for free. It's a lot to slog through to find the good stuff though isn't it? One terrific site that lists some of the better ones is**

** Note: Please read each site carefully, the rules for use vary a lot.


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