by Elaine Luther

Sometimes it can be hard to get your art done, right? Making the time, deciding what to make. Some structure would help.

The folks at “Art Scouts,” have done just that, creating “badges,” actually buttons, and the requirements to earn them! Definitely some structure, and some fun. (and you can really buy your button once you’ve earned it.)

They have different “houses,” or categories. So far they have gardening, fiber arts, needle arts, paper arts and home arts. Coming soon: studio art and adornment arts. So check back to get your jewelry assignments, or read some of the others and be inspired!

In the meantime, over at Metal Clay Gallery, we have monthly challenges on a theme, another way to get you going. The link is here, and always over on the left on the blogroll, or list of websites.

Here’s their member’s pledge:

I, (your name), hereby solemnly decree that I am an Art Scout. I will honor my creativity, share the creative spirit, and most importantly, MAKE THINGS until I can’t make anymore! I will use my hands for creation, my mind for learning new things, and my heart for sharing them with the world. I hereby swear that I will use my art for good, and to make the whole world a more beautiful, truthful place, and to enrich my life and the lives of those around me. I RULE!

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