PMC Recipe for Homemade Oil Paste

by Elaine Luther

If you are a member of the PMC Guild, you’ve already read in the latest issue of Fusion how to make your own homemade oil paste using lavender essential oil.

I rushed out and bought some lavender oil as soon as I read the article. Actually, I already was out, reading it in the car, so I just went on the the health food store and got the oil.

I had a chance to test the oil paste this weekend. I had a piece made of two already fired PMC pieces that I had put together with homemade PMC+ thick slip. The two broke apart. So I put them back together with PMC3 homemade oil paste, and fired it at 1650 for 10 minutes. They are now stuck together beautifully, with no fear of them coming part.

If you haven’t gotten around to trying this yet, or wanted to hear from someone else who tried it first, I’m here to say, rush out and get some lavender oil and give it a try. It works great and smells nice to boot!

Members can see the back issues of Fusion at, you’ll need your member ID and password.

Update: After reading the tip from Tim McCreight on Metal Clay Gallery, I added 5 drops of rubbing alcohol to my homemade oil paste. That dramatically improved the workability — it wasn’t so slippery. I’ve now used it on more things and continue to have success.

Update 2: Art Jewelry Magazine has a free video on how to make lav oil paste. You must be a registered user to see the video, but registration is free. See it here:

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7 comments on “PMC Recipe for Homemade Oil Paste

  1. Emie on said:

    I’m really glad to see you tired this and it works… it gives me the confidence to try it myself! Thanks, Emie

  2. Lynn on said:

    I just joined PMC Guild so am not saavy to the recipe for the homemade oil paste you are talking about here. I did a search to try to find it on this blog but couldn’t find it. Can anyone enlighten me?


  3. Elaine on said:

    You can access back issues of Fusion online at, you’ll need to enter your member ID and password. You can get that by contacting the Guild.


  4. Rafat on said:

    Thank you so much Elaine, your information about oil paste is just what I was looking for just what I was looking for. Can you tell me what issue of fusion this article in is.

  5. Elaine on said:

    The recipe is in the Summer 2007 issue of Fusion, viewable online for PMC Guild members. Just visit


  6. Erin on said:

    I’ve used the lavender oil paste that my pmc teacher made twice and both times I’ve gotten a severe headache with nausea that lasts a full day. I think I’m allergic to the lavender. Does anyone know if there is any other oil that can be used, besides lavender?

  7. Elaine on said:

    Yes, other essential oils can be used. They chose lavender oil partly because of the pleasant smell.



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