Years ago I took a “mock jury” workshop with Bruce Baker where everyone who was brave enough brought slides, the staff loaded them into slide projects, just like in a jury, 5 viewed at the same time.

Then the entire audience had numbered slips of paper on which to write comments on each piece as the slides are up.

Then the pieces of paper are organized by person and given to each participants. So you get the opinion of everyone in the audience,see?

Here are some of the comments I actually got:

#3 slide doesn’t go with the others
They don’t work together, not enough detail.
Cords are too prominent
Slides are okay, but not stellar
(more people saying #3 doesn’t go)
Doesn’t work, no KICK!
Work not real interesting, slides don’t work together, get rid of
Backgrounds too boring
Just don’t like
Work on design! Then New Slides!

Okay, that’s enough. You get the idea.

I was upset at the time, but it’s all true. It was a long, long time ago and I wasn’t really ready for that level. I did do new work and get new slides.

Figuring out what pieces were in the slides based on the comments, I think one of these was taken by a college friend who was a professional photographer (of people) and some were taken by a professional, who I won’t name to protect the innocent!

So there were two different backgrounds. Very basic error, I would never do that now. And as you can see by the comments, the 5 works did not go well together, they were certainly not a “line.”

This post began as a post of mine on Orchid. The link to the Orchid list, at, is always on my blogroll, over to the left side of this page.

(c) 2007 Elaine D. Luther All Rights Reserved

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