Pony Beads

Did you know you can help Girl Scouts earn a badge, just by talking to them about what you do?

That’s right, it’s the Jeweler badge for Junior Girl Scouts. One of the requirements for the girls is to talk to a real jeweler about their work, and have the jeweler explain some jewelry manufacturing processes to them.

Here’s a quote from the Junior Girl Scout Badge Book:

“4. Jeweler’s Skills

Learn about the different jewelry-making techniques of soldering, casting, hammering and molding. Can you describe a situation when each might be used, or find a picture showing an example? If possible, visit an artist who uses one or more of those techniques to make jewelry.”

If you’re worried about having a group of people in your studio, it may comfort you to know that each registered girl and adult in Girl Scouting is insured. You may request a certificate of insurance from the leader if you like.

Of course, they don’t have to go to your studio, another option is for you to go to their meeting place.

To explain the processes listed above, it would be extremely helpful to have made posters about the process, and to have actual samples on hand for the girls to touch. Have a vulcanizer rubber mold, and a wax shot from that mold, and a raw casting, and a finished ring.

Casting is a process that even adults sometimes have trouble understanding. Make it clear by having the real examples on hand and touchable.

If you’d like to help the girls with an actual jewelry making project, that’s part of the badge too, though they can do that on their own or with their troop.

If you’re more into rocks, there’s a badge for that too, Rocks Rock.

To let Girl Scout leaders know you’re available, contact your local Girl Scout council. Find it online or start at GirlScouts.org, the national site, click volunteer.

Here’s a cool pdf of Badges, Then and Now.

Girl Scout badges have inspired many to make their own “badges,” see this previous post on art badges you can earn.

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