What I Take to Teach

Or, how to over pack

by Elaine Luther

I finally got a good shot of what I take with me when I teach. Sometimes I also take my Paragon SC2 (kiln) with me.

Yes, I take too much, I know that.

I’m working on whittling it down, but I took everything just one more time so I could take a picture of it.

Part of the reason my stuff is so bulky is that I pack so that there is minimal unpacking once I get to class.

The large green duffle (which has wheels, by the way) contains plastic bins sorted by type of tool, so I just take out the plastic containers, set them on the table, and we’re ready. One bin is all ring making, for example.

I have a new packing plan that involves cutting down on the books and getting everything into just the green duffle, plus the kiln, if that’s necessary.

Do you teach? What do you take with you?

Has the time come for art centers to offer fully stocked metal clay classrooms?

What would we stock our dream classroom with?

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