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  • BronzClay does not like olive oil.  It really really does not like it.  Solution: use a barrier cream instead.
  • BronzClay has to be fired in a stainless steel container, buried in black carbon.
  • It needs a lot more slip and water in order to connect parts than you are probably used to.  Slip may oxidize, so you can’t make a lot to keep, just make it as you use it.
  • It shrinks more than you’re used to, get used to working large!
  • It’s cheaper!  And encourages you to make lots of stuff fast — who cares, it’s so cheap, it’s almost free!  This can be freeing and lots of fun.
  • It’s trickier to work with and fire than the silver metal clays.  It’s worth the trouble, but it is almost like starting over.

Update: I’ve been asked what I mean about the olive oil. In my experience, olive oil has been making the BronzClay too gooey, and I have one batch where some pieces came out of the kiln bubbly. I think this may be due to olive oil.

For me, using a barrier cream is doing a better job of keeping the BronzClay off my fingers and tools, while keeping the the BronzClay a nice consistency.

What’s your experience? I’d love to hear about it, comments are always open, thanks!

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