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I was so glad when Linda Stiles Smith gave me a copy of her book, Metal Clay Basics and Bench Reference.

Years ago, it was my goal to own every book and article published on metal clay. That has become impossible. There are so many books out now on the subject, that I consider it quite brave of Linda to dive into the fray and publish her own book on the subject. I wondered what she would bring to the topic that was new.

Here’s where Linda’s book excels:

It’s concise, clear, and gives just the right amount of information for the beginner.

You know how when you’re learning a new craft or skill, and the books and resources on the topic contain so much jargon and information that you’re just confused? Linda’s book is simple and clear without being simplistic.

It’s not a project book, but it will give you the techniques and troubleshooting solutions to make your own designs. The reference bits are also very helpful, and include both brands of clay. Color pictures are included.

Who is this book best for? It’s ideal for the beginner who wants a concise book, a place to quickly find answers that beginners commonly have.

$24.95, available from Naturescape Studios.

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