by Holly Gage


I wanted to publicly congratulate you on your book because I think others will definitely want to read it. There are so many things I like about Setting Stones in Metal Clay. I particularly like that it is not just a “how to”, but most importantly “why to”. I think the concepts presented are practical and will help artists to understand why certain techniques work and why others do not.

I also feel if an artist knows why and how things happen, then they will make better constructional and design choices. The clarity of the illustrations help readers to follow along with the text and eliminate confusing or new concepts. I also enjoyed your gallery section.

Knowing the motivation behind the work makes the connection with the artist more personal. I am always fascinated as to why an artist may have created a piece. This will definitely be a reference book that will be picked up time and again for its wealth of knowledge, innovative solutions, and its common sense approach.

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