New — PMC PRO is .900 silver!

The big buzz from the PMC Conference is the announcement from Mitsubishi Materials Corp. about the newest version of PMC — PMC PRO — available from Rio Grande in October.

It’s 90% silver, fired in activated carbon at 1400 degrees for one hours. What’s the hallmark, you wonder? .900

It is significantly stronger than all previous versions of PMC. You can still embed fine silver objects in it, if you do, you’ll do an open shelf firing first.

While some folks are not thrilled about the fact that it’s not fine silver, I’m thrilled with the strength. Before metal clay, I worked with conventional sterling silver (and still do sometimes), so to me the fact that it’s not fine silver doesn’t matter.

Here’s a chart about the strength, as compared to other versions of PMC:

The Metal Adventures Fast Fire BroznClay is also out! I’ve got a free sample to try out and will report back to you!

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