Here’s a quick snapshot of the most recent rings, one PMC and a bunch of wire. The wire is mostly bronze, but also sterling and iron. Better pictures to come.

I was surprised to see that I’m up to 51. Quick! Make one more ring!

I wasn’t sure what I would do when I got to 52. Would I stop? Would I keep going all year?

I’m definitely not feeling done. Some of the rings feel like prototypes that long to be put into production. More ring ideas are still in my head. The only barrier is the high price of silver, but I won’t let that stop me. I’ll work in other materials and ration out my silver.

Yesterday, I organized my rings into a nice velvet tray, to try to keep track of them — there’s a hint of possible exhibitions — and a few are missing. A couple I wore and I think they migrated to other spots. One was destroyed by a small child. It’s very neat to see them all in one tray. I’ll take a picture.



Here’s one that’s been sitting on my bench, awaiting the perfect… something.

So here it is, #52!

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