I’ve been attending lots of events with our newly revitalized local guild, the Chicago Metal Arts Guild, and I’m finding it to be a wonderful source of inspiration, a much needed kick start and just plain old fun talking to other metal heads. (I don’t quite know what to call us.)

Yesterday we had an event that was a sort of living exhibition, attendees were to wear their jewelry to the event and be photographed. I don’t get out much, so going to this required shopping on my part, and digging deep in the back of the closet for not-often-worn dress shoes.

In addition to my own jewelry, (two ring-a-week rings and a necklace) I wore my grandmother’s opera length fake pearls. They’re fake, but they’re a high quality fake with a nice weight to them. I thought it was a delightfully vintage, kitschy note to go with my vintage jacket. The photographer disagreed and had me take them off.

This event was definitely beyond my comfort zone, but I’m glad the guild is here and making me stretch.

If you have a metals guild or metal clay chapter near you, I encourage you to join. Who knows where it might take you?

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