Two Weeks of Ring a Week

1. Elaine Luther RAW 33/52, 2. Elaine Luther RAW 34/52, 3. Elaine Luther RAW20-32/52, 4. Elaine Luther RAW 19/52

Here are last week’s rings, in the top row, I made them but didn’t photograph. And this weeks in the bottom row. I did a little volunteer gig teaching kids to work with iron wire. Afterward, I had some waiting around time. Another volunteer whipped out her watercolor sketchbook and I thought, ah ha! I can sketch in wire while I wait. Twelve doodle rings are the result.

The silver one is PMC Sheet — haven’t quite gotten that using up scraps thing out of my system. I wasn’t going to use the sheet for anything else, so I thought I’d see how thick it would have to be to make a workable ring.

I made a very long strip of scraps, at least two layers thick, probably 3 in some areas. I fired it flat, then hammered it up. It went around the mandrel 2-3 times. It’s quite strong and wearable.

I will probably hammer down the little sticking up bits to make it more wearable, but for now I’m enjoying how it makes it look so paper-scrappy.

I’m up to number 34, with more in progress on my bench. You know, it’s funny to go from almost never making rings to making them almost exclusively.

All jewelry and images (c) 2011 Elaine Luther All Rights Reserved.

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