There’s lots of new inspiration in the Bronze Clay Flickr Pool! http://www.flickr.com/groups/bronzeclay/pool

The Abundant Artist writes How Empathy Can Help You Build A Successful Art Business
and features jewelry made out of velcro strips that is surprisingly cool, you know, for velcro strips.

This week the internet is bringing me artist’s manifestos and personal rules. Here’s a manifesto from All Creativelike.

The jewelry of Anne M. Fiala deserves a post all its own, but for today, I’ll share this link to her about page, where she lists her personal rules for making. While you’re there, check out her work too.

Helga van Leipsig, inspired by my post on the at-home residency, is actually doing an at home residency! She started today! See what she did today:

She’s going to make you want to do one too!

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