1. Ring a Day 241/365 , 2. Ring a Day 266/365, 3. RAD 169/365, 4. RAD #212/365 09172010, 5. Rachelle-090710, 6. R-A-D #239 8/27/2010 “Keepsake”

I’m loving the creativity over at the Ring a Day Challenge Flickr Pool. I love watching one person’s progress, and seeing the lazy days, the creative days and the “oh my God, I can’t believe I have to make another ring! days.”

And you can actually see people’s process as they work through “what is a ring? what is the minimum needed to make it a ring?” without regard to durability or wearability. (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Check it out here:


(I didn’t include any metal clay in the mosaic, but there is some awesome m.c. work over there in the RAD pool.)

and see the latest in the bronze clay flickr pool here:


P.S. It was really hard to choose just 6 for the mosaic! I’m not even done looking at everything in the pool, and I keep seeing more and more cool stuff!

Gotta run, I need to go make a ring…

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