What to write about here on All Things Metal Clay? While my stated goals are to talk about making and selling jewelry, sometimes I’ve gone rather far afield from that, following my guideline that anything about creativity is okay.

While I love to research and write about business topics, I think my readers may be more interested in the making side of things.

Here’s what I’ll be writing about, on a weekly basis:

Techniques – at least one post a week highlighting a technique for metal clay or jewelry making.

Blog of the Week Award – I haven’t given out enough of the blog (or website) of the week awards. Starting with next week, I’ll aim to give out the award once a week. Have someone to suggest? Please do! Post in a comment or email me at Suggestalink…gmail.

Reviews and Sources At least one post a week that’s a review of a book or tool, or information about a source for something cool.

Sound good? What would you like to read more or less about here? I would love to hear from you!

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