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Hard to find texture tools for silver clay projects

Keum-Boo Supplies:

     Keum Boo on Silver
"Keum-Boo on Silver: Techniques for Applying 24K Gold to Silver" by Celie Fago
     Qty:      $16.95     
48 pages, 80 color photos
Terrific book, lots of color pictures. The author covers Keum-Boo, depletion gilding, rolling your own foil, the tear away technique for polymer clay, applying a patina with liver of sulphur, applying keum-boo to round surfaces and lots more.
Celie is an excellent teacher and that comes through in her writing. She has created a complete guide to the technique, and made it accessible.
This book is very, very good. I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in trying the technique. If you've been nervous about working with gold, Keum-boo is a great way to start and this book will give you the confidence to try it.

6x 6 piece of 18 g brass for Keum Boo
6x 6 piece of 18 g brass for Keum Boo
     Qty:      $8.00     

NEW! Place this piece of brass on top of your hot plate for more even heating. This is recommended by Celie Fago in her book on keum-boo.

24K Gold Foil for Keum Boo
24K Gold Foil for Keum Boo
     Qty:      $16.00 (price subject to change based on the gold market)     

NEW! 2" x 1.26", 0.013 mm thick.

Agate Burnisher
Agate Burnisher      Qty:      $15.00     

NEW! This is the preferred burnisher for applying keum-boo gold foil; the foil may stick to a steel burnisher. Agate burnishers can also be used to polish fired PMC, they bring up a better shine, with less scratching, than steel burnishers.

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