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Hard to find texture tools for silver clay projects

Safety Equipment

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Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses, clear frames     
Qty:      $4.99     
Safety Glasses, black trim     
Qty:      $4.99     

Welding Goggles
Welding Goggles      Qty:      $9.99     
NEW! When opening a hot kiln, you don't want to look at the red hot elements. If you have time, you can wait for the kiln to cool down. If you don't, try these goggles. They fit comfortably over most glasses.
For Safety Glasses, I've found frames for you that are practical and stylish. They are also on the small side, for smaller people, tired of huge safety classes falling off their faces. These do not work well over your prescription frames, but are quite comfortable alone.

Women's Welding Gloves
Women's Welding Gloves      Qty:      $9.95     
I'm thrilled to offer this fine product to you! Terrific for protecting your hands while working with your kiln.

Safety equipment needs to fit well in order to work properly. Since welding gloves in women's sizes are so hard to find, most women wear leather gloves that are way too big for them. With the fingers of the gloves passing up their own fingers by two or three inches!

These well made, gray leather gloves are insulated and just like the ones the big boys wear. If you've been struggling with gloves that don't fit right, you'll love the fit on these.
CAUTION: Do not wear gloves of any kind while using a polishing motor, buffing wheel or flexible shaft machine. Doing so is extremely dangerous.

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