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Today’s guest blogger is Carolyn Rose of Houston in the great state of Texas.

She offers a parody on the ubiquitous ARTIST STATEMENT:

My passion for adornment came early — for example, as a little
girl I would often pile dirt on my head and tie fish to my feet.
My mother has always been my inspiration — by following her
example, I learned to have faith in my hallucinations.

Over the years, I have continued to pursue my interest in
adornment. This passion turned into a business as the demand to
stop giving them my pieces escalated among friends and family.
Although my design influences include Byzantine and other ancient
cultures, there is always an overtone of modernistic ego. My
jewelry may remind you of the wonders of nature, because nature
has been stealing some of my best ideas.

My jewelry reflects not only the quality of my uniquely banal
life, but also the exuberant chutzpah of my rudimentary skills. I
am known for combining traditional precious-metalsmithing
techniques with super glue and dryer lint to produce
unconventional results. They express the ephemeral nature of
beauty by disintegrating soon after being acquired. The shapes
and materials will make the wearer stand out as a stylish woman
of questionable sense. Each piece takes on a life of its own, but
this can usually be corrected with a little bleach.

In my work and my life I strive to not to fall off my stool or
burn myself unnecessarily. Although my studio is in a busy urban
setting, it is in the quiet of solitary confinement where I
rejuvenate my creativity by reconnecting with the voices in my

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