Smooth Roller

Have you ever tried to roll out a snake (or coil) of metal clay and found it to be cracky, and/or lumpy? Our own Smooth Roller solves the problems associated with making good coils.

(I read somewhere that you shouldn’t call them snakes, but ‘coils’ just isn’t clear, is it?)

To solve the problem of the cracky coil, add a drop of PMC Extender Liquid to your metal clay before you begin to roll, even if the clay is already fresh. Next, pre-shape your metal clay into a basic log shape, just squeeze it into shape with your fingers.

Give it a couple of quick rolls with your fingers to make it basically round. If you continued to roll the snake with your fingers, the snake would not be smooth, since your fingers are not smooth, there are indentions in between each finger.

Now that you’ve gotten the snake (or coil!) started, switch to the Smooth Roller. Pick up the roller and use it on the snake just as you would your fingers. It works more quickly than fingers do, because you’ve got a longer tool at work, and the surface of the tool is very smooth, so your clay stays smooth.

The Smooth Roller is designed as a tool, it’s the right width and length for the job, so you’ll find it’s easier to work with than a re-purposed object.

You can see them over at CreativeTextureTools.

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