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I got a holiday mini-catalog in the mail from Archie McPhee, with the tagline, “Slightly Less Disappointing Than Other Companies,” which I found amusing.

Their usual tagline is “Outfitters of Popular Culture.” If you don’t know Archie McPhee, they’re your source for must have items such as the Librarian Action Figure, Pirate Shower Curtain and band-aids that look like bacon.

What’s your tagline for your jewelry?

Can you sum up your line in one sentence? Do you have an elevator speech? In other words, can you define/describe your market niche in 30 seconds, before the elevator reaches the next floor?

If you can’t, it may mean that your work needs more focus, or that you just need help describing it.

Figuring out what your tagline is is an important step in marketing your jewelry.

Remember, the recent Artist Website of the Week? Her elevator speech could be

“I make custom photo jewelry in sterling silver. The customer sends their picture and chooses the paper for the back.”

There, you’ve got the whole picture, you understand exactly what she does.

What do you do? Are you all about stones? Enameling? Is your work technique driven? Or topic driven? Are you scattered and reluctant to commit to a style? That can be dealt with too, but it’s more of a challenge.

You may have a style, but have trouble seeing it. It can be difficult sometimes to see our work as others see it. Ask a trusted friend who knows about jewelry to help you.

Here’s a great tagline from Tom Herman of Seven Fingers Jewelry, “Exquisitely Designed Hand Carved Jewelry.” Wow. Not many people can say that, but he sure can. His tagline lets you know right away one of the most important, most unusual characteristics of his jewelry — it’s hand carved. And I have to agree, it is exquisite.

Good luck with your tagline! Let us know what you come up with, post a comment!

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