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Our blog was mentioned by Angela Baduel-Crispin on her blog. Below is a translation of the post from the original French from, cleaned up and improved a bit, since babelfish translations can be pretty rough.

The most amusing part of the translation was that babelfish translated PMC/Art Clay as Money Paste! It feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it?

Here’s the post:

“November 21, 2007

Sites related to the Precious Metal Clay [literally Silver/Money Paste] (PMC and Art Clay are marks) of interest to know

If you are comfortable reading English then there is a host of information on the net. Sites, most by people passionate about “metal clay” - paste[or clay] with precious metals, (PMC or Art Clay), and about the craft of jewelry generally.

Often, these various sites are a concentration of information and useful links on the art of jewelry. From time to time I will list some links which will seem to me interesting to mention.

One of the links, which I recommend particularly, is the blog of the artist and jeweler
Elaine Luther.

She is very active as a teacher in jewelry (she has a foundation in traditional jewelry and precious [or silver] clay). Her blog contains lots of useful information with an entry per day! Its information covers various subjects such as photography, tourism (with particular places to visit for impassioned jewelry), formations, products tested, technical information, and the list continues! It is very easy to search and to discover all its categories while clicking on its name in top! Good reading!”

Here’s a link to Angela’s site in English.

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