There’s this idea out there that I keep reading: that everything you do as a business is part of your marketing. Your packaging, how you respond to emails, your social media (of course), everything.

While on the one hand, that can sound a little silly, and like it’s just the latest business buzzword that’s going around, something happened to make me think a little more about this.

I’m blessed to have a friend who lets me know when I’ve made an impact on her. Even if it’s 14 years later. She’ll email and say,

“you know that thing you said or did 14 years ago? Well, that made an impression on me and empowered me to do the same this week. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Aren’t I lucky? The thing, in this case, was an aspect of mothering, one that’s maybe not always in the mainstream. Oh wait, now you’re going to think it’s something really weird. It’s not. It’s just breastfeeding without running to hide in the other room or under one of those blankets moms tie around their necks (but hey, whatever works).

So there you go, something I did, just being myself, made an impact. I wasn’t giving speeches, or writing articles, I was just living, and a friend found my example empowering. And remembered it.

Since I’m always thinking about business, I right away took this thought over to the “everything you do is marketing” departments.

Whoa, I thought. If just being an example by being myself is more powerful than anything I ever wrote or said on the subject, then maybe everything I do as a business really is marketing.

That’s making me take a new look at my business, what I do, how I do it. And how can I inject the message, the feeling of my business into every step that I take? Every package that I ship? Every digital book that amazon sends for me?

If that idea interests you, I have two books for you where you can become immersed in that topic. The first is Glimmer. Kind of a weird title. It’s on the surface, about design, but it’s really about so much more than that. It’s a fun read while making excellent points and will get you to think about design and your business is a new way.

Glimmer book cover

The second is Do You Matter?

Which is a concise and powerful book about what design can do for your company.

Book Cover for Do You Matter?

Photo credit: Milan Jurek via The Stock Exchange.

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