See that red awning between the two buildings?  That's it, that's the store!

See that red awning between the two buildings? That’s it, that’s the store!

The other day, I took the kids to this tiny store in Wheaton, Illinois, just for the novelty of it, just to see the store that’s 49 inches wide and 60 feet long.

It was pretty fun, and who knew you could get Swedish Fish in single wrapped packages?

I wanted to find out if it really was the world’s smallest store — I couldn’t find out what store gets that credit, but I did find that lots of tiny stores, all over the world, use their tiny size as a novelty factor, an attention getting method.

How could that apply to jewelry business, I wonder? Lots of craftspeople are one person shops, but do we ever brag about that? I sometimes picture the self-employed craftsperson as a one-man band, with the big drum tied to his back, cymbals between his knees.

More and more, I’m seeing the theme of saying no, of clarifying what your business is and isn’t, actually helps massively in creating your success.

The tiny candy store also sells popcorn — but just plain popcorn. No flavors, no cheese, no caramel. By focusing so tightly on what it is — a tiny candy store, plus popcorn –you know what to expect and they can easily deliver on their promise.

In my local crafty business owners group, fellow business owners are saying, “you know, that item sells, but I hate making them, I’m going to focus my business on this product, this service,” and they’re doing great! Their increased focus on a specific segment of the market, say weddings, or custom clothing, is helping potential customers identify their company in their minds as, “the one who can make me a custom outfit for my next gala.”

Specific is good.

What is your business about? What can you say no to in order to bring more focus to your business and marketing? Is there something you want to phase out? Will you raise the price or eliminate the product? Please post a comment!

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