Raw castings made by Elaine Luther at Ox-Bow School of Art, 2013

Raw castings made by Elaine Luther at Ox-Bow School of Art, 2013

Here’s some of what I made in Metal Casting Class last week. Clearly, I was more focused on learning the process than the product. These are rough castings, not cleaned up yet. I made some other things, some of which got melted down again in one of our amazing 37 pours!

There just happened to be a letter E leaning up against the wall of the classroom and it reminded me so much of my giant pink letter E from the You Are Beautiful install (see below), that I just had to cast it.

Elaine's E, for show at Flourish Studios Chicago

I hadn’t brought anything to class to cast — planning to find something on site. But when our first day of class was super rainy, I couldn’t go find something. A fellow student was kind enough to lend me a plug to mold and cast.

Later in the week I cast a hard boiled egg. Here’s a close up of the dent that was created during the mold making process:

Castings by Elaine Luther

Fellow students in my class and other classes, felt that the dent just made the egg, made it look real. Sort of the wabi sabi of the whole thing.

Want to try sand casting yourself? The jewelry-scale equivalent is Delft Clay casting, widely available from jewelry supply houses, including Rio Grande.

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