On Pinterest from Joan Stewart, 50 Tips for Free Publicity.  From, Are You Wasting Time with Social Media Strategies?

I recently bought a zine by Chicago artist Caro Griffin and she uses Gumroad to mange the payment and downloading of the file.  Gumroad allows you to sell and take care of fullfillment right on your own website, without your customer having to leave to go to another site.  It also allows your customer to use credit cards and skip paypal (though that may have been an option too, I don’t remember.)  I really liked the interface.  Check it out here:

Via Ebony Love, a blog post on As She Naps, about capital investments to help your business grow.

And finally, an article from Wall Street Journal, “A Fine Arts Degree May Be a Better Choice Than You Think,” now there’s some good news you don’t hear often.

One more!  Here’s a terrific cake recipe if you love chocolate and peanut butter:  Heaven and Hell Cake.  I made it as written, except I used semi-sweet chocolate for the ganache instead of the milk chocolate that the recipe calls for.

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