Pocket Portfolio from Photojojo

Pocket Portfolio from Photojojo

Do you ever find yourself talking with someone about your jewelry in an unexpected situation? And you pat down your pockets and think, “Do I have any pictures with me?”

Sure, you could have pictures on your smart phone, but I’m always open to new ideas for small, easy to carry around portfolios. Physical photos, in a format you can hand over to the other person to hold, are nice. They don’t need to know how to navigate your phone or other device.

Photojojo has a great little tutorial up for a great little portfolio.

While it’s adorable, any project that involves an X-acto knife is probably not going to happen around here, it’s just not something I’m handy with.

So I looked around for a not-DIY option for the same thing. This one from Bay Photo looks very nice, for a reasonable price. Minimum order is for a three pack. And it has a hard cover, which would make a fancy frame of sorts for your work.

What do I use? In the past, I’ve used a small, but very nice photo album from the art supply store to hold 4″ x 6″ photos.

Now my favorite way to share photos of my work at say, a conference, is laminated photos. It’s much less intimidating than a flip through portfolio. It’s affordable and sturdy. My photos are 8″ x 10,” but I’ve also thought of making a set of 5″ x 7″ or smaller, punching a hole in the corners, putting them on a ring and clipping them to the outside of my bag, to carry around at a conference.

I should say I also use my moo cards, which have 4 different art works on the back, the color printing is amazingly accurate and I also use those as a mini portfolio in a pinch.

What about you? What do you use for a mini portfolio, or to share pictures on the fly?

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