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  • How to Apply Aura 22

    by Pam East Let me share the method I’ve been using with gold paste with excellent results. 1. After firing the piece, do NOT brush or tumble. Leave it the way it comes out of the kiln (or torch) 2. Apply a thin layer of …

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  • How BronzClay is different from PMC and Art Clay

    BronzClay does not like olive oil.  It really really does not like it.  Solution: use a barrier cream instead. BronzClay has to be fired in a stainless steel container, buried in black carbon. It needs a lot more slip and water in order to connect …

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  • Call for Entries: Appalachian Center for Crafts

    The Appalachian Center for Craft’s gallery committee is seeking artists for solo or group exhibitions. All media will be considered. The Craft Center hosts up to 20 exhibitions in its three exhibition galleries. We feature functional and sculptural works of traditional and contemporary fine craft …

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  • Blog Carnival: Favorite Publications

    My favorite, natch, is Art Jewelry, and not just because I write for them. They publish good stuff. I like the projects, the articles, and the mix of techniques. Even if you’re an experience metalsmith or metal clayer, they have advanced projects to challenge you. …

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  • 369849 Free   Game Tiles

    Learn to use Metal Clay, FREE, online!

    by Elaine Luther This is your guide to learning to create with Precious Metal Clay online, 100% for free. I’ve searched the web for the best of free videos and how-tos, and even more importantly, I’m presenting them to you here in a logical order. …

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  • My Art History Squidoo Lenses

    Art history is an interest of mine, and in particular I’m interested in women artists. I’m working on a series of Squidoo Lenses on women artists. So far I’ve published: Frida Kahlo: Paula Modersohn-Becker: And a related one: Learn Art History: There …

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  • Wishcraft by Barbara Sher

    I simply love the book Wishcraft, by Barbara Sher, and I’ve learned it’s going to be reprinted for a 30th anniversary edition! The system I use for writing up goals, I think I got it from Wishcraft. It’s an inspiring book, and different from most …

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  • Jewelry Tourism: National Portrait Gallery

    The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., has an exhibit up called, “Tokens of Affection and Regard,” featuring antique portrait jewelry made in gold and using the then-new photograph. Even if you can’t make it to the show, the article is an interesting read:

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