This just in from Sabine Alienor:

I’m pleased to inform you that with Belgium and Canada we have just
created “Metallurgia, l’association internationale francophone des
pâtes de métal”.

It’s a brand-free, non-profit association who wants to share metal
clay informations for french-speaking people (70 countries!).

The website is

We already have members in 4 countries on 3 continents (France, Belgium, Canada and Tunisia).

We are supported by all metal clay brands and we thank every body who has helped us (Special thanks to Katie Baum, Bill Struve, Hadar Jacobson, Ozgur Aycok and Caroline Bray).

Joining the association is free for this year, so you are all welcome!

Sabine Alienor SINGERY, France
President of Metallurgia :

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