Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2015’

  • Louvre 1384561 M

    What to Wear to a Conference/How to Be Super on Brand

    Here’s one of my tricks for conferences: I try to look similar each day of the conference. If I wear my hair down on day one of the conference, I’m going to wear it down on day two. And I’ll wear related outfits, not exactly …

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  • OfficeCatStockPhoto

    Need to get out of the house? Try co-working!

    I’m not usually trendy, but I’ve just started co-working, which is quite the trend. Co-working spaces are rental spaces where you can pay by the day, the week or the month and have some level of an office and co-workers. It’s a step up from …

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  • ViewThroughWindshield5CopyrightElaineLuther2015

    View Through the Windshield Photos

    Here are some new photos from my series that I take literally through the windshield, while pulled over. Sometimes I take them through a side window, with the window rolled down. (It’s my creativity every day thing.) There are apparently huge backlogs at the train …

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  • ElaineLutherSpeechatOakParkArtLeague2015

    How Can I Do More of This?

    Do you ever ask yourself that? How can I do more of this? That’s what I was asking myself after the recent Self-Employment in the Arts Conference, where I gave a speech, conduct a workshop with a mini-speech and was on multiple panels and did …

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