December 2007

My Anti-War Medal

Anti-war Medal by Elaine Luther

Here’s my anti-war medal that’s in the Anti-War Medal Show at Gallery I/O in New Orleans. It says, “All Gave Some.”

The title of the piece is “Why Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye,” a reference to the Civil War Era Song. The sheet music I have of it calls it an Irish folk song and it was arranged by Alice Parker.

Here are a few lines:

“When goin’ the road to sweet Athy, Huroo! Huroo!
When goin’ the road to sweet Athy, Huroo! Huroo!
When goin’ the road to sweet Athy, a stick in my hand and drop in my eye, a doleful damsel I heard cry: Johnny, I hardly knew ye.

With your drums and guns and guns and drums, Huroo! Huroo!
With your drums and guns and guns and drums, Huroo! Huroo!
With your drums and guns and guns and drums, the enemy nearly slew ye”

Hearing it in a choral performance is amazing, it’s a powerful and haunting song.

The show may travel to more locations, I’ll announce those as they are known.

Visit Thomas Mann’s Gallery I/O website here. See the rest of the medals in the show here.

Materials: Precious Metal Clay (fine silver), fine silver mesh and black ribbon.

Medal and photograph are (c) Elaine Luther 2007 All Rights Reserved

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New Focus at Creative Texture Tools!

08 Graphic

So I mentioned the clearance sale is part of preparing for a website revamp that’s coming. And you may have read in the newsletter that part of my motivation is to change things up so that I have more time to make my own art and to write more.

I won’t keep you in the dark! Here’s what the focus will be after the revamp: texture plates! Our new tagline is

Helping You Make Your Best Impression in Clay

How do we help you do that? Buy manufacturing our fabulous Silicone Texture Plates, of course. And by offering the JustRite Home Stamping Kit plus refills. (Plus more new developments…)

With the new focus on the site, everything will be about texture plates — mine or yours!

We will continue to offer the photopolymer Alphabet Tool and some other favorite tools that are my absolute favorites and are best sellers.

By having a more tightly focused product line, I believe I can continue to be a retailer and still have more time to make more art!

I especially wanted to explain all this to let you know that you will still be able to get your JustRite Home Stamping Kits and refills in the future!

It’s a pretty exciting product and I want to continue to bring that to people.

There’s also a chance of some new designs coming out in Silicone Texture Plates. If you’d like to see that, please post a comment or drop me an email.


P.S. Here’s the link.

Huge Clearance Sale at Creative Texture Tools

Sale Tag

I’ll be revamping the website in the first quarter of 08, and to get ready for it, I’m throwing a huge after Christmas sale. Tools and supplies are marked down 50% or more in every department!

Check it out at CreativeTextureTools.

2007: A Blog Year in Review

2007/08 Image

March 2007

I started the blog and have an impressive three posts! One of them is a review of the Ultra Lite Beehive Kiln, my most popular post to date. It is read every single day even though I don’t make any effort to promote it! Read it here.

April 2007

In April I began my series on Photography with a discussion of light tents and where to buy them. And I wrote How to Choose a Kiln.

June 2007

In May I didn’t post at all, then made up for it in June with 14 posts. Including two getting started posts. One called Where to Start with Metal Clay? and one called Getting Started with Photopolymer Plates.

And I reviewed two books on photography, one by Steve Meltzer and one on lighting for digital photography.

July 2007

July brought lots of informative posts on photopolymer plate making, a DIY glass display stand, and my helpful series on training for work in the jewelry industry/working in crafts.

But the post that got the most attention was Minimal Metalsmithing: which techniques you should add to your metal clay jewelry making skills and why. It stirred up a huge reaction on Orchid (at and well, prompted people to say what they really think about metal clay. It was interesting.

August 2007

In August, I posted my first humor bit, an hilarious take on artist statements by Carolyn Rose.

I opened my Cafe Press Shop, Metals Rule, which features shirts and mugs and such for metal clayers, metalsmiths and more.

September 2007

Profile of a Successful Home Show continues to be a popular post, read nearly every day.

Fall was big for me, as I had pieces in three shows — the faculty show at the Indianapolis Art Center (IAC), the El Dia de lose Muertos show at IAC and the Anti-War Medal Show at Gallery I/O in New Orleans (owned by Thomas Mann).

Also in September, the blog reached 100 posts! Perhaps helped along by 40+ posts in September.

And I published my free eBook, The Jewelry Maker.

October 2007

In October the blog went daily! Holy Moly how do I keep up? A ton of great posts in October, including lots of links to tutorials, online how to videos, and my series on How to Get Out of Having a Website. Plus Top Seven Reasons to Write a Squidoo about Yourself.

Also check out Monica Sageant’s post on how to do the Tear Away Technique.

November 2007

I kept up the daily posting in November, as I joined NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. What’s Your Tagline? was a good post on, well, coming up with a good tagline for your jewelry.

Also in November I hightlighted Luann Udell’s blog as Blog of the Week.

To the horror of some readers, I posted a picture of some old PMC work on it’s way to the refiner. At least two people said they saw potential in that scrapheap!

And, on Thanksgiving, my post with links to pumpkin pie recipes, with an amusing picture, got a record breaking number of views!

December 2007

In December I found out just how much activity I could handle by joining Oranment Thursday, something a group of bloggers were doing, and I made handmade ornaments for the last two Thursdays before Christmas.

Lots of great posts this month, including some on photography. One on using Props and one on Good vs. Bad Product Photography.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to another great year of blogging in ‘08.

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Review: PMC Technic

I expected to like PMC Technic, edited by Tim McCreight. Has he ever written or edited a book that disappointed? (No.) But I really, really, really like it.

I was thrilled to get this book as a Christmas present. The model for the book, Metal Technic, also edited by Tim McCreight, is quite a standard to live up to, and this book does.

It’s great to have a book that documents to the how-to and the best practice for various challenging methods for working in metal clay.

Two of my favorite articles so far are the ones by Jen Kahn and J. Fred Woell, though they are all wonderful.

Even for the techniques that I’m not particularly interested in trying, I’m glad to understand the process and how they work. Especially as a teacher, I like to understand processes and be able to answer questions for students.

I’ll try not to gush too much, but I know that you’ll like this book and it is an essential addition to any metal clay library.

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